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Complaint Templates


Important issues to be considered by data subjects before submitting a complaint

Individuals’ whose personal data are processed may contact de Supervisory Authority (NSAPDP) if they believe that their rights as granted by Law no. 677/2001 have been infringed, on the condition that:

-   a similar action, with the same object and same parties, has been filed before a court of law,

-   only after contacting firstly the data controller in question.

According to article 25 of Law no. 677/2001 the data subject must contact the data controller 15 days in advance of submitting a complaint tot the supervisory authority.

Important! As an exception, the complaint may be submitted without going through the preliminary procedure only if a delay would cause and imminent and irreparable damage, an issue which must be proven and justified by the complainant, on the date he/she submits the complaint to the supervisory authority.

Failure to comply with these conditions results in considering the complaint as inadmissible.

In all cases, the complaint must be accompanied by evidence.

The data subjects’ personal data will be processed by the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing with the purpose of fulfilling its legal attributions of solving complaints.

All data are considered compulsory, except for the e-mail address. Failure to provide the identification data (especially the name, surname and home/residence address) will result in filing the complaint as anonymous.

The data may be disclosed to third parties by the NSAPDP with a justified legal basis, especially, to the body mentioned in your complaint, only within the measures adopted in order to solve the issues brought to our attention.

You may exercise your right of access, intervention and opposition within the conditions provided by Law no. 677/2001, by submitting a signed and dated complaint to the NSAPDP.


           1. COMPLAINT TEMPLATE (for exercising the right of access)

           2COMPLAINT TEMPLATE (for exercising the right of intervention)

           3. COMPLAINT TEMPLATE (for exercising the right of opposition)

           4. COMPLAINT TEMPLATE (other cases)